Google introduces Verified SMS and Spam Protection for Messages

In the past month or so, Google has turned on RCS for all US carriers within its own Google Messages app. Users who haven’t already activated it should update both the Messages and Carrier Services apps.

In addition to finally providing a viable successor to SMS, Google is announcing a couple of new features meant to keep users safe from spammy or malicious SMS-bots.

When we receive a one-time passcode to our smartphones, its often from an unknown phone number. But other times we receive falsified SMS messages asking us to click on malicious links. Google is bringing ‘Verified SMS’ to help you identify the authenticity of an SMS from a business. Verified messages will show you the company’s name and logo in the chat window.

Branco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback, SoFi, and 1 800-Flowers are some of the first brands to send SMS messages with the new platform. Verified SMS is now rolling out to the US, India, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Philippines, Spain, and Canada with more countries on the way.

This next feature isn’t entirely new, but Google is now rolling it out more widely across the US.

Real-time spam protection warns users of suspected spam messages and detects whether a link in the message might lead to an unsafe website. Users can also report spam text messages and block the source from sending any more texts.


Reader comments

  • Carol

More like, google it's doing it's best to stay inside your privacy.

  • JOE B

sounds like - google is taking the no malarky way - good for them

  • AnonD-804996

I'm in ur phonez, reading yur SMS... *accompanying cat image*