Google is already working on Gemini for headphones

Yordan, 13 February 2024

Google rebranded its AI assistant Bard to Gemini, and the service is already available in the US, Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Canada. It will replace Google Assistant on Android and iOS, and the latest report revealed it is expanding to headphones soon.

Now the folks over at 9to5Google have examined a beta version of the Google app (15.6) and found it contained the following message:

Gemini mobile app is working on expanding availability to make it accessible on your headphones

Some headphones have a gesture or a button that activates a voice assistant, and currently, it is only Google Assistant, even if Gemini replaced it on the smartphone. Pixel Buds Pro, for example, still works with the old service, which is evident from the voice and capabilities, according to the source.

Google emphasized that it is working primarily on the smartphone app, which is yet to arrive in Europe, one of the company's major markets. When Gemini does arrive for audio wearables, we expect shorter answers or a playback speed customization.



Reader comments

  • Kaka
  • 14 Feb 2024
  • raQ

Is gemini will be replacement/upgrade of assistance or just another/seperate service?

I'm high-key excited for the shift to Gemini. Finally, a real voice assistant! Not just one that regurgitates search results!

I wonder if Sony WF-1000XM3/4 will get it since they have G Assistant in it. Didn't use it, but perhaps Gemini I'll try 😬

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