Google launches Meet, an online meeting service for businesses

Prasad, 01 March 2017

Google has launched Meet, a new service for businesses that will allow users to have meetings online. While it does sound similar to what Hangouts does this is more geared towards business users and has a limited set of functionalities.

Meet will let you start or join an existing meeting using the website or the Android or iOS app. You can start a meeting by creating a code and then anyone with that code can join in. You can also schedule meetings for later. The meetings are done over either video, which can be up to 720p in resolution, or audio. With video, you will see the person talking at the top of the screen with the list of other members below. G Suite Enterprise Edition customers will also have dial-in numbers available.

Google is yet to officially announce Meet. The website is now accessible but cannot be used. The mobile apps are yet to appear on their respective stores.



Reader comments

  • NoWay

Google DA Pimp

  • AnonD-632062

My prediction exactly! They will probably shut down the service in a few years but not before they re-brand Meet a couple of times to some other names ..... :P Two things Google is bad at: product planning and product naming.

  • Anonymous

This is a direct atack on Cisco's Webex. I certainly hope they have better computer audio capabilities than webex does, the latter is astoundingly bad when not on dial up. Of course for companies the problem is googles ADHD. As bad as Cisco is, ...

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