Google Lens update brings new design and dining mode feature

Michail, 22 May 2019

Google Lens is getting a redesigned user interface. The smart camera assistant will now split into five categories which you can select to get more accurate results. The overhauled design and features are already appearing for Pixel users and those on the 9.91 beta build of the Google app.

The new look will offer a swipeable choice between auto, translate, text, shopping and dining modes. The first one works the same as before where the camera analyzes the image it's fed. Translate and text were also featured in the old Google Lens and would read text and copy or translate it for you.

More interestingly, the dining addition will let you scan restaurant menus and see pictures of the dish if it's not already provided as well as recommend popular dishes based on reviews from Google Maps. You’ll also be able to scan food receipts and keep a tab if you ever need to share the bill with friends. The overhauled Google Lens is expected to come to more devices in the coming days.



Reader comments

and still no Google Lens app on iPhone... smh

  • Anonymous

What phone do you use?

Should be dining I guess :P