Google makes it possible to de-register your number from RCS via web

Ricky, 20 June 2020

Recently, Google has quietly introduced a way to de-register your phone number from RCS messaging. Google currently all Android messaging over RCS which lets users send messages over the internet rather than the short message service (SMS). RCS allows for read receipts, full-res image sharing, and typing notifications for both individual and group chat threads.

Google’s new page offers instruction on how to turn off the “Chat features”, which effectively turns off RCS chat. The page suggests that you can turn chat features off if you are missing messages before switching to a new Android phone or switching completely to iMessage on an iPhone.

Google makes it possible to de-register your number from RCS

However, in the event that you don’t have access to the old phone because it was lost or stolen, or if you forgot to turn off chat features before trading a device in, you can now fill out a form online and manually turn off chat features.

Google makes it possible to de-register your number from RCS

All you need to do is enter a phone number associated with the chat features and enter a one-time-code that will be sent to your phone number via SMS. Of course, you’ll need to still have access to receive SMS on your phone number.

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Reader comments

  • Maxx effex

I recently lock my phone and have to do a factory reset I forgot my Gmail password and try for days to contact someone from Google and I could never get it on so because I work from home nrr my email contacts backup to my Gmail account I end up losin...

  • Anonymous

Thought most used apps like whatsap.line messenger etc haven't gotten an SMS in years if it's not spam os some company notification. don't think most will care much for this

That is part of the issue, compatibility. Sent the message to my Mrs, both on same network. I just don't see a need for it, everyone I know has WhatsApp (though I'm not a fan). The existing solutions are platform agnostic, RCD isn't. Unless Apple ado...

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