Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry available, says 'Talk to me'

8 April, 2010

Google Maps for mobile is a must-have for your phone and it keeps getting better. The latest update is for Google Maps for BlackBerry and it brings voice search, Buzz as well as other improvements too.

Search by Voice is well integrated into the Android platform, but with Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry this functionality becomes available on RIM handsets as well. The supported languages are English (in multiple accents) and Mandarin Chinese.

Google's latest attempt to break into the social networking world - Google Buzz - is included in the new Google Maps for BlackBerry, too. You can view geo-tagged Buzz posts (buzzes?) and you post your own.

Another feature that made its way into Google Maps for BlackBerry is the Web History synchronization - if you've searched for, say, "Punch Pizza" then typing just "pun" will bring up "Punch Pizza" as a suggestion. Starred searches, items in Maps and items starred in the phone are also synchronized with your account.

Finally, there are three more interesting features - Scale Bar and Terrain layer for hiking enthusiasts, searching for businesses near an address and reporting map errors and errors in business listings.

Google Maps for BlackBerry 4.0 is available at



Reader comments

  • jk

nice very nice vvvvv nice paaaaalllll

  • dong

yea same ! i cant download it too. they send the same link which seen in com. and no icon for mobile to download. :(

  • Crythyc

Buzz is a cool add-on, as long as the initial bugs get removed. Is it fast enough?

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