Google Maps introduces new bicycle-related features

Ro, 24 October 2020

As per Google, the demand for bicycle navigation on Google Maps has grown rapidly during the COVID-19 outbreak. Requests have grown 69% and Google is now responding with a couple of useful biking-related features and navigation for some major cities.

Google Maps introduces new bicycle-related features

Google has used an AI algorithm, crowdsourced data and data collected with the local municipalities to deliver the features. In some cities, you can now use Google Maps to guide you through bicycle lanes or bicycle-friendly streets and areas. After all, you can catch some pretty tricky shortcuts when on two wheels.

Additionally, Google Maps now offers step-by-step navigation using bike rental spots when available. Just like public transport navigation but with bikes instead. Google Maps even has deeper integration with some bike rental services in various cities to make the booking process easier while navigating.



Reader comments

  • marxcie

Nice! Although a bit sad we had to have a coronavirus crisis to get some attention on the bike-related features.

  • Lilian

New feature: "Your location is then shared with car drivers, so they can honk at you and make close by drives, almost hitting you", because you see, pedestrians and people on bikes are a nuisance, so must be crushed.

  • Anonymous

I love this feature

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