Google One VPN is now available in seven more countries

Yordan, 10 August 2021

Google One offers a VPN service to its users, but it was limited to the United States until now. Finally, Mountain View decided to expand to seven more countries in Europe and North America, but it is still limited to subscribers with at least 2TB in their plan.

The lucky markets are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom, and the price to switch is $9.99/mo or $99/yr.

Users with the cheapest three tiers (Free 15GB, 100GB, and 200GB) can’t get the VPN service separately; the price is actually for a 2TB plan. While most VPN functions are pretty similar to any other platform, like protecting sensitive information with a secure private connection, it has one major drawback - users cannot choose their VPN location.

Another issue some users might have is availability - VPN by Google One is currently available on Android devices. Google is still working on the development of the client for iOS, macOS, and Windows. But if you have an Android phone and a 2 TB plan, you can enable the VPN simply through the Benefits tab in the Google One app.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It works well but it could do with more options to auto connect like only connect on WiFi and not cellular. Or choosing which WiFi hotspots to trust.

I prefer the one from

  • Ami

Is this seriously happening...the one who is tracking and eyeing us is providing us with a VPN to save from tracking ...and expecting us to believe that..

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