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  • Anonymous

this is the worst phone on the planet my old oppo worked better then this. it should burn in hell as it is a useless piece of junk and worth not one cent. if you want a phone thats battery last 2 minutes and a camera that is from the 1900s this one is for you

If they don't slap Android 11 on this then Google is objectively a worse company when it comes to software than OnePlus.

  • Fred

People @ GOOGLE should be shot for putting the "PIXEL" on the market. It has been an embarrassment to own. G kept on making changes to system, that caused the 'phone' to become unusable. I wouldn't buy into any G phone again.

  • Shafiq

Buy last year rm350.. in this price range it's beyond other.. but battery not very last long.. install camera px for pixel.. camera much mooooooreeee superbbb.. saving to buy pixel 4..

  • Anonymous

How can I resolve my speaker ..I can't make calls eighter music's or all this audio stuff's not a speaker problem but it need settings

  • MayMay

my Pixel 3 is a nightmare. it has been replaced 2 times by Google and still the same issue persists. Google help has been no help. I have broken the stay at home order to return one the phone that did not function properly and must do so again for a replacement phone that also does not function properly. i spent quite a bit of money on this phone. Google support chat has been ever so polite and useless. avoid Google phones. i should nave gotten a nice samsung.

  • randompersonhere

The best device I've ever used. Even though, I own the defective set ( mic problems ). I'm still using it till now , to take pictures . The OS was smooth and fast. No hicupps or hang ever experienced. For those , who want to use this as a primary device. Make sure to keep a powerbank with you , besides its an old 3 years phone. There's no use to compare this to other devices packed with 4k - 5k battery nowadays. If you had more budget , I prefer you upgrade to Pixel 2 and up .

  • Vince

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2020Thanks for your help. I still like it, it's the best phone I hav... moreAgreed! Best Phone Ever!

Very interesting camera setup... never seen that... the flash on the outside? Questionable!

  • ankit

its product is good but d service is not good
whenever i call it say u cannot call from this number
if i am tey from different no then also its saying same u cannot call from this no

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Feb 2020@ChildishDuke, no the fingerprint scanner is rock solid and shou... moreThanks for your help. I still like it, it's the best phone I have ever used

  • Nitesh

Their customer care sucks. I reported problem with my pixel in October 2019. They sent replacement which again had problem. Every time I call them they either escalate the case or ask me to wait. They escalated my case twice and now they are not even responding.

  • Anonymous

childishduke, 16 Feb 2020should the fingerprint move a little bit when u touch it? I just... more@ChildishDuke, no the fingerprint scanner is rock solid and should not even a mm off center ! Im playing with mine now and there's 0 play

  • childishduke

should the fingerprint move a little bit when u touch it? I just bought a second hand and its fingerprint is a bit shaky.

  • Anonymous

Are you being serious?
Just buy a new battery once a year.
If you think a battery can last years and work like new - you're doing something wrong in your life.

  • Arhur

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2020Using it now. Great performance and overall user exp. Camera rul... moreIm using this phone like my personal phone, is amazing but the battery life is very bad if you think buy this always have your power bank ready

  • Anonymous

Using it now. Great performance and overall user exp. Camera rules too!
But Wi-Fi lags, screen has burn and [the most importantly] battery is small.
Have your charger ready :D

Cameron, 26 Nov 2019My Pixel 1 still works a treat and is still the best phone I've ... moreI think that happened to me :(

  • Shafiq

TheInfernoYap, 29 Nov 2019Is 32gb variant pixel enough in 2019? I've been planning to buy it. Better buy 128gb.. since it's not have memory slot..

  • Pixel 3a xl user

Ok.. so I still have my pixel 1 and its on android 10 and working fine... no issues. I have the 128GB and so i have no issues with app updates... tons of space here. I use it as a back up phone and an extra camera mainly because I still have 80GB of space on it. I now have the pixel 3a xl and its wonderful... the pixel 1 is so small and neat.. it works great as a small pocket camer more than a phone... i only upgraded to the pixel 3a xl to get a large screen and 3 more years of android updates... i do still get updates coming to the pixel 1 including the pixel 3 camera... if you want a great camera phone for a low price get this... its upgradable to android 10 and the pixel 3 camera... just dont install a lot of apps and its a great back up camera phone...