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  • Peter

Kujtim Zymeri , 27 Aug 2021I am planing to buy one now. How about the battery life ple... moreBattery is bad that's all i can say.

  • Kujtim Zymeri

TommyP23, 22 Aug 2021In 08/2021 this phone still offers unlimited full quality b... moreI am planing to buy one now. How about the battery life please. Can hold a day with average use?

  • TommyP23

In 08/2021 this phone still offers unlimited full quality backup with Google Photos. I have an S21U 5G now, but every few months I send all my recent media to this device for free backups! I will keep this phone until that stops :)

ok for me except the battery, must be 3500mah up

  • Pixelpos

I have had two replacement phones since my original purchase. The second replacement just lost the screen, does not come up. Google helper is a joke. Pixel is a pile.

  • billy shazam

holla guys! i was using this phone in 2019..So far from that time,everything is okay but it suddenly getting blanked and the screen shows something like yah in a factory mode..and i try to click on factory result but it popped up a text "your device is unlocked" and yah i just keeping it in my underwear shelf until now.....Who knows how to solve this freakin problem? because i already sent it to some mobile technician but they also didnt know how to fix it.So complicated! hope you guys can help me pleaseee!

  • andrew

help me how i can fix my broken screen

  • Anonymous

SamsungFanInterest, 22 Feb 2021I like how there are so many fans on this old 2016 phone. I... moreYou don‘t judge a phone by megapixels, milliamperes and 4K.

This phone's camera was quite good for its time and still holds up to this day

  • cyril

this is how you fix your google pixel camera after os update.....working and tested solution on the link

  • Wen-o

TeE685, 24 Feb 2021Has anyone replaced the battery for the Google Pixel? If ye... moreI bought batteries from online shop, and so hard to replaced it. U need take off screen first. Use profesional technician for a best result

  • Chloe

Obaz, 15 Mar 2021Hello everyone. Pls i want to ask about this phone. Is thi... moreI bought the iFixit kit which included the battery and the tools needed to replace it (replacement adhesive pads, screen opening picks, etc.). I was successful, but it's not exactly an easy process. The gel pack that came with the kit, which you are supposed to microwave to heat up and use to melt the screen's adhesive, didn't do anything. Instead, I had to use a hairdryer (a heat gun would work as well). Other than that, following the iFixit guide worked perfectly for me. Really do be careful when cleaning the old adhesive off of the display, as it's very easy for whatever you're using to scrape it off to slip, and you will almost certainly damage the display if you drag the scraper over it.

  • Obaz

Hello everyone. Pls i want to ask about this phone.
Is this google pixel functioning well? Because i saw fairly used one in my earia.

Has anyone replaced the battery for the Google Pixel? If yes, care to share your experience?
Also where you bought the battery from.


I like how there are so many fans on this old 2016 phone. It's kind of interesting. I would agree, because the RAM is needed, GPU is good, megapixel is okay, 4k, etc. Except the milliampere. Not as good.

  • BethWisconsinMom

I selected the Google Pixel 3 because I love to snap a million pics of my kids, my dog, my 55 acres of forest, etc., and have easy back-up. But the camera didn't really turn out to be worth it (few quality options; video rarely match most video editing software frame rates, etc.), nor did the easy access to my multiple paid, professional Google accounts for freelance, day job, and personal. Almost two months past the warranty, so still pretty reasonable to assume a high-end smartphone would still be working, my Pixel 3 took a nose-dive into unstoppable boot loops, only resolved by a dead battery (three times over) allowing me to try again until I achieved full factory reset. And then it happened again, another two months later. As a nerd, I understand even the best product lines can hit some infrequent glitches and hiccups, but it's not hard to find the reviews by other Pixel users who had the exact same problem with relatively young Pixels. And then the support was garbage. I mean, not the woman I actually chatted with, she was wonderful, but the options for support that Google allowed her were terrible. There wasn't even a whiff of acknowledging a know issue with the boot loops, or free service for a recognized glitch, just offers for expensive mail-in service or brand new Pixel replacements without a discount. Like I want to purchase another expensive lemon unclaimed for support by Google. I've also had trouble with other Google products. Both quality and support are bottoming out at Google. We should all go back to Samsung and Apple.

  • cadman

Google Pixel 4 will read sim card, this phone is just off warranty, everyone who has looked at this phone says the same thing. IT LOOKS BRAND NEW. not a mark on it.
ZERO help from Google , they wanted a credit card to put the call through to there people to discuss this, after going through the hoops with tech . They suggested I take it to U BREAK I FIX, so I did. He tells me its a problem with the mother board. not worth repairing. This has been an ongiong problem since the Pixel 2 why won't GOOGLE accept responsibility and fix this problem?

  • Thatfella

Joseph, 27 Sep 2020Very slow system, constantly crashing and very complicated ... moreYou had refurbished one

  • Anonymous

Dareruu, 02 Jan 2021this phone had an issue with the speakers and microphone, c... moreit's a hardware issue

  • Dareruu

this phone had an issue with the speakers and microphone, cannot record or hear any voice, i think this needs an update with the system