Google Pixel 4a samples get compared to the Redmi Note 7

Ro, 01 May 2020

Remember that Google Pixel 4a hands-on video from almost two months ago? Well, the same tech journalist who made that video has now shared two camera samples and puts them side by side with the Redmi Note 7's. And for the record, when we reviewed the Redmi Note 7, we were quite impressed with the camera performance at the time given the price range. So here's how the 48MP camera on the Xiaomi stacks against the rumored 12MP shooter on the Google's offering.

Pixel 4a vs Redmi Note 7 Pixel 4a vs Redmi Note 7
Pixel 4a vs Redmi Note 7

Obviously, the camera samples have gone through Twitter's compression and we can't make a proper camera shootout out of this but it gives us a good idea of how the camera will perform. Right off the bat, we can say that the Pixel 4a achieves better detail, manages noise quite well, colors are punchier and the contrast is nicer. The dynamic range, however, seems even more impressive. We will refrain from further commenting and will save it for the full review when we get our hands on one of the units as lots of software camera optimizations may be implemented before launch.

Pixel 4a vs Redmi Note 7 Pixel 4a vs Redmi Note 7
Pixel 4a vs Redmi Note 7

It feels like it's becoming a tradition for Google phones to leak months before being announced. We wonder if there's anything left for the announcement.



Reader comments

  • Dredd
  • 12 May 2020
  • S95

Looks like nothing to do with this "test". Obv. the note 7 operated with higher there are more noise on the note7 picture. That would be fair if both setup with the possible lowest (40-100) iso.

They have been compressed as it went through twitter

  • rage
  • 03 May 2020
  • pLb

So they compare a 450 phone with a 180 phone =)))))))))))))))))

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