Google Pixel Buds will soon be updated with new features, new colors to arrive in August

Enrique, 15 July 2020

According to Forbes reporter Jay McGregor, the new Google Pixel Buds are due for a “Feature Drop” in which Google will update the product to support more new features that were not available out of the box. Google has done Feature Drops for Pixel devices in the past, and this would be the first Drop for the Pixel Buds.

According to the report, there’s only word of the Feature Drop, but not word on what will actually be included as part of the Drop. Based on what is known right now , Google may possibly update the Pixel Buds with new EQ settings to adjust the sound quality, Adaptive Sound (the feature that raises and lowers volume based on surroundings) could be getting more tweaks for the user, perhaps battery life could use a boost, and Google might finally have a fix for the issues that some have expressed about Bluetooth audio cutting out.

Google Pixel Buds will soon be updated with new features, new colors to arrive in August

Based on a tweet from the @madebygoogle handle, Google’s Pixel Buds will be arriving in new colors next month. The Buds were announced to arrive in four different colors, but only the White ones are available for sale. The other colors expected are Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black.

With increased sightings of Google’s new Pixel phones (4a and 5) and Nest hardware in more recent weeks, we might be closer to a MadeByGoogle event than we think. Google’s event is normally in October, but I have a feeling that we might be seeing Google hardware arrive earlier than usual this year.



Reader comments

  • Xaq09
  • 16 Jul 2020
  • IrW

Same here super regretting. I was the first adopter too, And they talked me into two RMA devices. So I had a total of three and all of them are gone now.......

  • Daveh
  • 16 Jul 2020
  • jHD

I bought these and regret it. The audio drops out every time I use these and Google hasn't fixed it yet. I feel like I threw $209 down the drain.

  • Samwise
  • 16 Jul 2020
  • StU

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