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  • Bagdas
  • 3d7
  • 15 Oct 2022

Bagdas, 14 Oct 2022Display Size: 1.2 inches Resolution: 450 x 450 pixels (~32... moreScreenshot via adb -> image size: 384x384 pixels. Q.E.D.

    Anonymous, 07 Oct 2022But, the design is cute tho! XD Good joke try next one please.

      Lol, 06 Oct 2022£380 for this? Maybe £50. What an incredible scam. Why is t... moreMan 10 for wrist strap rest is garbage not worth to buy.

        "Qi" should be listed with an asterisk. Google confirmed to 9to5 Google today (10/14/2022) that no other Qi chargers will work other than the one that ships with the watch. There's also no way to buy an extra charger at this writing. (There are anecdotal Reddit post that say you can use the watch charger to charge your Pixel Buds, though, interestingly)

          • B
          • Bagdas
          • 3d7
          • 14 Oct 2022

          Display Size: 1.2 inches
          Resolution: 450 x 450 pixels (~320 ppi density) - HOW ?

          If display size 1.2" and 320 ppi -> Resolution: 384x384 pixels.
          If real resolution = 450x450 -> display size = 1.4"
          What's wrong?

            • R
            • Runix
            • EFT
            • 14 Oct 2022

            I own the pixel watch, ignore people complaining about the old chips, the software and hardware combo and tuning have made this watch an amazing combo!

              a 4 year old cpu with all glass design. what is wrong with you google. that is a straight up stealing customers money

                • v
                • vivo
                • 3it
                • 12 Oct 2022

                Stupidest design ever. All unprotected glass, small screen, bad battery... Why Google even bothered to release a smartwatch?

                  • C
                  • Cristal
                  • nwS
                  • 12 Oct 2022

                  Nice Galaxy Watch (1st gen) 2018 CPU you have here.

                    • k
                    • kuka
                    • 0@x
                    • 11 Oct 2022

                    Very very small screen - useless. My OppoWatch has 3.17x more usable screen area (11.6 vs 3.64 cm2)

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                      • DMX
                      • CH9
                      • 10 Oct 2022

                      Loyo, 08 Oct 2022I've ordered both phones directly from Google US but t... moreThey are not giving anything with the purchase, and if you are not from the United States, you should investigate to see if you are going to have 5g because in countries that are not sold even if you have 5g in your region you will not be able to use it!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 6uI
                        • 10 Oct 2022

                        No way they used a 2018 chipset 💀

                          Big bezels, small watch, older design and older CPU.

                            The screen is too small bezels are huge because of first watch.

                              I feel like I'm the only person who likes this watch, lol

                                • L
                                • Loyo
                                • P1k
                                • 08 Oct 2022

                                I've ordered both phones directly from Google US but there is no mention of a free watch or Pixel Bud's anywhere.

                                  Gorilla and zero protection. Good luck with that screen. Seems like Google went Apple on screens, with guaranteed cracks within the first week.

                                    As a reviewer I couldn't believe Google did this...
                                    The design is as Samsung active model and the chip which is a highlight is the Samsung Exynos series...they would have customised like the tensor chip or they can use the snapdragons or they can use there own tensor itself.
                                    The most awaited in is the wear os 3

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Tui
                                      • 07 Oct 2022

                                      only 24h claimed battery life.. buyer beware

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                                        • Ginoza
                                        • Ya7
                                        • 07 Oct 2022

                                        I'm actually fairly disappointed with the Pixel Watch in comparison to my Xiaomi Watch S1. The only differing factors here are the Pixel's LTE and image viewing capability, but other than that, Wear OS isn't that cool.