Google Pixel Watch is reportedly using an Exynos chip from 2018

Ro, 14 May 2022

During its Google I/O conference this year, the company officially confirmed that it's working on a smartwatch and will be released within a couple of months. However, the tech giant wasn't very vocal about details, so we are left with a lot of questions.

Google Pixel Watch is raeportedly using an Exynos chip from 2018

Luckily, 9to5Google's sources learned that the watch will be running on the Exynos 9110 SoC. For context, this is a 2018 chipset based on a 10nm manufacturing process with two Cortex-A53 cores. A more recent alternative would be the Exynos W920 platform powering the Galaxy Watch4 series. It makes use of a much more efficient 5nm node and has considerably more powerful Cortex-A55 cores.

So why is Google betting on older hardware for its 2022 product? Well, according to the sources, the search giant has been working on the Pixel Watch for a couple of years now and all of the development is based on the older chip. Switching over to the newer platform will delay the watch even further.

Additionally, Samsung may not be selling its W920 SoC to third parties just yet and it's unclear when Google will be able to get its hands on the said chip.



Reader comments

Oh come on Google shouldn't have said that the new Wear OS won't work with any older processors and now they're throwing this s*** at us either they don't want to make the watch and they want to be a flop or they're just a bu...

Because the update is part of the phone's price. When they launched it, they're commited to provide update for that particular phone. Furthermore, developing update for phones is NOT done from scratch. Most of the code can be reuse with sli...

Same could be said for phones then. Why bother updating them when the model was relevant last year and no longer produced this year? Yet we don't think that way. Why should smartwatches be as disposable and with zero support like smartphones fro...

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