Google Pixel Watch video teardown reveals unreplaceable parts

Vlad, 19 October 2022

Both of Google's new phones, which were announced a couple of weeks or so ago, have already been subjected to very detailed video teardowns. But as you may know, the company also unveiled the Pixel Watch at the same event, and if you were anxiously waiting for a teardown of the wearable, you're in luck as that's exactly what the folks over at iFixit have treated us to today.

The teardown reveals a very interesting first-generation package. The Pixel Watch is pretty much a puzzle of sorts. On one hand, it has a removable back, something that took Apple multiple generations to do for its wearables. On the other hand, some parts, like the crown and button, seem to be unreplaceable, which obviously hinders repairability.

The Pixel Watch also interestingly comes with some very unique and distinctive adhesive on the inside, one that doesn't leave any residue when removed. On a side note, someone at Google should probably inform iFixit that Wear OS hasn't been known as Android Wear in quite some time now. So, there's no such thing as "an Android watch". In the end, it seems like the wearable gets a pass, with improvements to the innards expected from possible future generations.


Reader comments

the only irreplicable parts in this watch are the ones you're never gonna be able to find in the first place. if you can find parts for a wear OS watch that isn't a Samsung, you should a magician, not a tech service worker.

How do you even break a watch. If it's that fragile, you're focusing on the wrong issues.

  • Adam
  • 21 Oct 2022
  • mxu

you would have to buy i guess another item thats broken for spares/repairs say off ebay and hope the parts you need can be salvaged from that

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