Google posts trio of ads for the Google Pixel 4a, one of them starring Fred Armisen

Ricky, 03 August 2020

Following Monday’s unveiling of the Google Pixel 4a, Google released three video ads introducing the new midrange Pixel phone. One shows off the phone’s design and styling, the other highlights its features, and one ad that stars comedian and actor Fred Armisen highlights the Pixel’s camera capabilities.

The ads highlight Google’s services like Duo Video calls, Google’s photography prowess such as with the Astrophotography camera mode, and they touch on the phone’s supposedly long battery life. Google’s “Dough $aver” starts at $349 and undercuts the Apple iPhone SE (2020) by $50 for 128GB of storage (double the storage tier of the iPhone SE).

The Pixel 4a won’t beat the iPhone SE in raw performance scores, but it will beat it in battery life (which, frankly, isn't good on the SE), and offer comparable camera experiences and an all-around software performance.

The Pixel 4a launched with a 5.81-inch AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 730G chipset, and 6GB of RAM. It comes in a single storage tier of 128GB and a powerful software-driven camera. For launch, the phone will only be available in black. Evidence of a white model is seen in promo renders, so perhaps Google plans to launch it later.


Reader comments

  • Alan

I wonder why the video still shows Pixel 4a starting price from $349 when there is only one and only one option. Even in their website they have completely removed the word from for the 4a.

  • Anonymous

Let's wait and see what glaring hardware flaw the 4a has. Pixels never fail to disappoint.

  • Shiny Dave

This could be a massive seller in the US. Affordable at a time it needs to be even in that carrier-driven market, better promotion than the A51, and it might even be actually good. Wonder if we'll see retailers in that market - and possibly...

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