Google readying big gaming-related features for Android 12

Ro, 13 July 2021

Google just announced its Android Game Development Kit that allows developers to make use of some advanced features and also streamline their working process without having to constantly switch between different developer tools. Additionally, Google said that Android 12 will allow you to play games as they are being downloaded.

Google readying big gaming-related features for Android 12

This is particularly useful for games that are large in size. This feature is available on some gaming platforms like Blizzard's and EA's Origin Access. So it's nice to see this feature being implemented on Android phones using the Google Play Store. However, the functionality would be available only for games using the Play Asset Delivery system.

And as for the AGDK, it aims to reduce fragmentation by allowing almost all tools and libraries to work across many Android versions and will be updated in the future to support upcoming Android features. Additionally, some tools would allow developers to track the performance of their game by monitoring CPU and GPU performance. And finally, if the developers decide to turn on telemetry for their users, they can do so with the Android Performance Tuner.

You can find the full set of features and tools at the source link below.

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  • Anonymous

Gaming on phones, what a joke.

  • Anonymous

Ask him to try a great android phone. Prove him that android is the king.

  • Anonymous

I don't agree on the camera part, I know plenty of parents that take a lot of pictures with their phones. High resfreshrate is true, I remember how many times my mom bugged me because she found her new phone weird (120hz screen, all her old...

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