Google teases Play Pass - its mobile gaming subscription service

Ro, 10 September 2019

Last month we learned that Google is planning to launch a subscription-based service for mobile games on the Play Store. It gives you access to a large pool of premium games and apps for a flat fee of $4.99 per month. And today, Google says it's almost good to go.

In a tweet, Google said that we don't have to wait much longer and finally acknowledged the existence of Google Play Pass.

Later today at Apple's iPhone announcement we might be hearing more about Apple's own gaming subscription service, Arcade.



Reader comments

apple just annouced their Arcade and now this, coincidence? I hope that this service features high quality and exclusive goods, these are the only reasons I would pay for it

  • Anonymous

Yes. But not in a section called Premium games. Started with pay once play forever games. Then iAP infested ones came along. Scummy devs.

  • Bet

I assume by saying iAPS you mean in app purchase. Buy devs been doing that for ages, although I can't tell if they did it everywhere across app store but the practice is common. Thousands of titles for $0 yet in app purchase.

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