Google to discontinue YouTube messaging on September 18

Prasad, 22 August 2019

Google is discontinuing yet another feature and this time it is the messaging feature within YouTube.

According to the notice that now shows up within the app when you go to your inbox, the feature will be discontinued on September 18. Clicking on the Learn More button provides more information on the subject, including the information that some features such as sending videos as messages may become unavailable even before September 18.

Warning now found in the app
Warning message now seen in the app

Google has instructions on how to download a copy of your messages on the support page, linked below. This is done through the usual Takeout page, which can also be used to download your information from other Google services.

While it has become the norm now for Google to shut down its services when they aren't doing so well, we can't say we will miss YouTube messaging too much. While in theory it was a great idea to send videos to your friends within the app they will be watching it in, most people normally just sent them through the app they always use to message their friends. So outside a few times, most people never really bothered sending messages from within YouTube and other probably didn't even know this feature exists.

If you did use this feature and now want a copy of your messages, then follow the source link below to get them.

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If you are on android, you can get the background playback feature by installing youtube vanced

No idea about this thus is not necessary and not needed.

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None are getting banned. Lol Have been using them for 5years. I Use YVLR.