Google to hand over Pixel 7 and Pixel Foldable production to Foxconn

Ro, 05 August 2022

Even though Google hasn't officially confirmed its upcoming foldable phone yet, the renowned tipster on Weibo, Digital Chat Station claims that the company is still planning to release one in Q4 this year.

The production will likely be handled by Foxconn and will kick off as early as Q3 2022. Additionally, Foxconn will get the Pixel 7 orders manufacturing.

Google to hand over Pixel 7 and Pixel Foldable production to Foxconn

The tipster reveals a couple of key details surrounding the Pixel Foldable. He believes that the device will feature a 2K display with a punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera while a 50MP periscope camera with variable focal lengths will be the star of the show. The camera will be aided by a secondary IMX787 sensor.

Of course, a custom Tensor 2 chip will sit behind the wheel while the body will be made of ceramic. We wonder how much it would weigh as ceramic is quite heavy, especially when used in a big foldable handset.

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Reader comments

Its a nice feature to have though and getting it for only $400. Professionals use it and Most PCs that are about $1000 might put out 4k or 2k depending on what you go with. True phones have upscaled to 2k and even 4k for some. But the thing about uno...

8K video is a gimmick until 8K screens are widespread, and as of right now most TVs are 4K, most phones are 1440p or 1080p, most laptops are 1080p or 1440p. Until such point as 8K screens become nothing special, 8K video will also be nothing special....

Thats the thing. The S22 was almost half the price of the 13. 8k Camera (The 13 only has 4k) and 8GB of RAM (The 13 only has 4). The size is the same between both, the S22 is newer and is very slightly lighter but I just cant see myself wasting money...

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