Google to kill call-recording apps on Play Store on May 11

Ro, 21 April 2022

Starting with Android 10, Google killed call recording by default and on May 11, the company is implementing new Google Play Store policies preventing third-party apps from using the Accessibility API for recording the call audio stream.

Google to kill call-recording apps on Play Store on May 11

Those changes are towards improved privacy and security as call recording laws across the world vary quite a bit. However, system, pre-installed apps that already have permission to tap on the Accessibility API won't be affected by the change.

Pixel's and Xiaomi's dialers, for example, are two exceptions to the rule. This is considered a native call recording functionality. And although Google didn't disclose plans on taking care of those as well, we would assume that some additional policies will be implemented in the future.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-1046991
  • 19 Jun 2022
  • G}R

I have my refurbished Nokia E63 (Black body), I already installed Smartphoneware Best Call Recorder was so basic to record calls back in the day, Symbian call record was more stable and better quality than nowaday one.

  • Margrethe Vestager
  • 05 May 2022
  • 39y

Quote, "It's not Google playing nanny, it's Google obeying legislations..." You are having a laugh; "Google obeying legislation" is an oxymoron. Google shalt do whatever it desires, and has done so with impunity, fo...

android 10 can access files fine, android 11 to newer doesnt.

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