Google trolling episode 2: Pixel 3 Super Selfie Mode in focus

Ro, 05 October 2018

Google has started hyping up its upcoming duo of Pixel smartphones in an unconventional way. Just the other day, Google's team mocked the Pixel Ultra rumors and now, the long-running rumor about a Super Selfie Mode is in focus.

That mode is supposed to take advantage of the rumored dual camera setup placed on the humongous notch. Allegedly, one of the lenses will be capable of taking wide-angle selfie shots. Here's what the company has to say about the rumors:

The doodle is once again a nice touch. However, unlike the first time, Google doesn't seem to be completely shutting down those rumors and instead leaves room for debate. So the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL could be getting the Super Selfie Mode after all?



Reader comments

And with an extra notch on each camera, you could do selfies in a new way

Their camera lens also got notch .....

Introducing the Pixel 4, with one camera o the back, 3 on the from and a total of 4 notches to complement the 4 cameras!