Google updates Google Earth before Earth Day

Prasad, 18 April 2017

After many years of stagnation, Google has finally decided to do something cool with Google Earth. So on the eve of Earth Day, Google has released a new version of Google Earth for the web and Android.

Google Earth was always about exploration and the new version takes that further. With a feature called Voyager, Google has teamed up with a bunch of organizations to create guided tours where you select a particular tour and then go through all the places and during this the globe spins and zooms to the point mentioned in the tour along with a brief description.

Google has also included a I'm Feeling Lucky button, that jumps to a randomly selected point on the globe and tells you about the location.

Bringing all this to life is Google's fantastic new 3D map system, which are available for major landmarks across the globe. These high resolution 3D maps provide photo realistic bird's eye view of various locations around the world, whether it's the Eiffel Tower in France or the Himalayas in Nepal.

The website is accessible to everyone right now while the app will be rolling out over the coming days on Android.



Reader comments

Wouldn't it be a good idea to actually see what's happening in the world, rather than relying on the over-controlled mainstream media. Well done Google

  • Ashish Pundir

Wow, this is really awesome. if this happens in real than this would be great advantages for Us, We can Easily explore new places by just Google earth.

  • Mo007

This is an intrasting