Google WiFi now lets you measure performance of individual devices on network

Himanshu, 16 May 2018

Google WiFi is getting a new feature. The company announced in a blog post that its WiFi mesh router will now let you measure performance of individual devices on your WiFi network.

Google Wifi’s Network Check technology has always let you measure the speed of your internet connection and the quality of the network connection between your Google Wifi access points (if you have more than one). But what about that new smart TV in the bedroom that’s constantly buffering? Or your outdoor security camera with a flaky connection?

As devices on your home WiFi network grow, the ability to test them individually for performance becomes important. So in that context, the new feature is a great addition as it will help you identify connectivity bottlenecks for particular devices.

The company says the functionality will be available to Google WiFi users around the world in the coming weeks.



Reader comments

Works as advertised. Received the update and in addition to being able to check internet speed and mesh network connections, it individually checks all devices. Good enhancement.

Finally some useful stuff from Google.

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