Google will add ‘auto-delete’ option to location history feature

Ricky, 01 May 2019

Google’s Location History feature offers a look into the places you visited in the past, and if you have your phone with you, it does a fairly good job of tracking the information. I like to refer to my location history when I need to recall certain expenses made with a credit card.

On Wednesday, Google is announcing a new way to manage this sensitive data. In the coming weeks, Google will begin to offer the option to automatically delete your location data as it ages. Google uses Location History data to recommend restaurants and find the quickest driving routes, it also ties in with the Location Sharing feature so you can keep tabs on your family and friends whereabouts.

Of course, you are free to totally shut the feature off, but if you’d still like to take advantage of some of Google’s feature enhanced by Location History, you can opt to have the data deleted automatically after 3 months, 18 month, or you can delete your location data manually.

Security of collected information has become more relevant in the last few years as out devices collect countless amounts of information about the apps we use, the places we go, and the people we stay in touch with. As our lives become connected in so many aspects, this is the reality we face.

The actual collection of information does frighten some people, but what is more cause for concern is when that information gets into the wrong hands by form of data breaches or loose regulations on users’ data.

Do you use Google’s Location History data feature? Do you find it useful for Google to keep a log of the places you visit or would you rather Google not have that information at all?



Reader comments

I wish Sony would implement their own software, based on the ps4... I don't want to use android at all

Agreed. We already are having problems with our own companies and data, so why does China want ours for some reason? My only guess they would want to get data for making their own internet and operating systems

In terms of smartphone pricing, yeah, I agree.

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