Google's ambitious Project Ara has been canned

Himanshu, 02 September, 2016

If you recall, just a few months ago, Google revealed that the Developer Edition of its much-hyped Project Ara modular smartphone will start shipping this fall - in fact, Ara's official website still says that. However, a new report from Reuters says that the company has suspended the project.

Citing a couple of sources, the report notes that the move is "part of a broader push to streamline the company's hardware efforts."

While that's certainly bad news for those who were looking forward to the product, there seems to be a silver lining - the report notes that Google may license Ara's technology to others, opening a possibly for an Ara-like phone sometime in future.

A Google spokesperson declined to offer any comment on the matter.



Reader comments

I agree with you. I find myself rooting for the project the first time I hear about it, without knowing much. battery for each modules!? wtf...

  • Winforthewin

They couldn't decide on how to make sure all hardware parts from all third party manufacturers helped mine information that Google could sell. The Ara project itself was a big threat to Googles smartphone monopoly which is why they were so eage...

  • AnonD-357946

hahaha. this has to be happend with google. you think snatching project era from motorola helps or u can stop motorola . no one can stop motorola . Motorola is the father of inventions . rest of all follows . even apple standing on cur...

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