Google's first Pixel 6 ad shows it in people's hands, giving us another look at the new design

Vlad, 09 September 2021

Yesterday Google was teasing the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on Instagram, and today it's released the first full-on thirty-second video ad for the duo - even though the phones aren't official yet. At least not fully.

Google has been doing things very differently this year when it comes to its flagship Pixel launch, confirming the design many weeks ago, then revealing that the devices will be powered by its own custom-designed (or not so much) Tensor SoC.

And now it's serving up an ad for phones that haven't technically been announced yet. That's different, for sure. As you can see, the ad showcases the new design yet again, putting the phones in real people's hands - that gives us a better idea of how it works in reality than the renders we've had from the company so far.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the ad focuses on the customizability of the phones, achieved through the new Material You theming system in Android 12 (which they will both launch running from day one). The handsets are expected to be finally fully unveiled next month, perhaps on October 19, and should go on sale on October 28 if previous rumors are to be believed.


Reader comments

This can go either way... exciting or very boring.... But I have my eye on it at the moment if the camera is very good compared to the new iphone 13/14 whatever its called......

  • Anonymous

Tensor has nothing to do with gcam

too much hype for a phone that doesn't even sell, the most updated phone pretext my bolls, even iPhones have better update support, even if it had the SD 898,000 it will flop as all other pixels

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