Google's mid-rangers will be called Pixel 3a, the small one will have a 5.6" OLED screen

Peter, 19 March 2019

More info has surfaced about Google’s mid-range Pixels, starting with their name – they are not “lite”. Instead, they’ll be called Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. They will have 5.6” and 6” screens respectively.

The differences between the 3a and 3a XL (beyond size) are not known yet. However, a clear picture of the smaller phone is starting to form.

The Pixel 3a will have a 5.6” OLED screen (not LCD) with 1,080 x 2,220px resolution (18.5:9). Comparing this to the Pixel 3’s 5.5” 18:9 screen suggests we may be looking at a notch. That’s not visible in the CAD-based renders or the video hands-on, though. Both phones will feature Active Edge.

Google Pixel 3a renders Google Pixel 3a renders Google Pixel 3a renders
Google Pixel 3a renders

The 3a will have a 12MP camera on the back, which reportedly produces the same image quality as the Pixel 3. The mid-range chipset is noticeably slower when taking photos, however. On the front is an 8MP wide-angle selfie camera, but no ultra-wide second module.

The chipset in question is a Snapdragon 670 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage. Both phones will feature eSIM and the Titan M security chip. Whether the XL model will have a Snapdragon 710 instead of a 670 has not been confirmed (or denied) yet.

18W fast-charging over USB-C Power Delivery will be enabled for the 3,000mah battery. No word on wireless charging.

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL will be unveiled this year, but the exact timing is uncertain. For now, the most likely time frame is in the Spring with Verizon as a launch partner in the US.



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  • average joe

Won't be surprised if they are grossly overpriced....

  • Anonymous

He isn't wrong, although I think of 2 GB instead of 1. It doesn't matter how much ram you have 10 GB or 4 GB but it doesn't affect performance. Also optimization is another thing. Ever wondered why a 2 GB iPhone or even 1 GB iPhone can keep apps bett...

I still don't think it's HTC that's to blame here. The XL was better because it was made to be better because it was more expensive and Googlw obviously wanted it to sell more. As for the problems, Google just has shit quality control. Hell, most of ...

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