Google's Project Fi makes its data speeds ten times faster while roaming

Vlad, 12 July, 2016

Google's carrier experiment, Project Fi, still exists. In other news, Fi has announced today that data speeds while roaming internationally are now "10x faster than before", along with the cute speedometer-inspired image you can see below.

The text in the official blog post goes on to say that Fi is "able to deliver speeds 10-20X faster than before" when you are abroad. What exactly any of that means is anyone's guess, however, since there's not even one mention anywhere of what you can expect - be that in terms of actual speeds, or at least the technology you can use.

Android Police thinks this means Project Fi customers can now use 3G data while roaming, which would obviously be great - it's not like countries other than the US have 4G networks or anything like that. Oh, wait.

Anyway, despite the fact that you'll find out how fast "10x faster" actually is only when you are in another country, Fi's unique selling point when it comes to roaming is that you don't pay any more for data than you do when you use the service in the US. It's still $10 per GB - no extra fees. Thus, no huge unexpected roaming bills when you come back from your vacation.

Then again, don't forget this only applies to data. Making calls while roaming is generally a $0.20 per minute affair, depending on which country you're in. That is if you use a mobile network to place your call. If you go with Wi-Fi, you're getting off cheaper.

To celebrate the international data boost, Google is taking $150 off the price of the Huawei Nexus 6P if you buy it along with Project Fi service. This offer is valid for the next week only. The terms of the deal are outlined here.

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Fast enough.

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I get 2G in Cleveland Tennessee

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3G? LOL, so 2010