Google’s Recorder App now lets you edit recordings by transcribed text

Ricky, 15 October 2020

Google first introduced its advanced voice recording app with the Pixel 4. It flexed Google’s ability to transcribe text without an internet connection, and it worked surprisingly well. It was a very easy way to record a conversation or interview and then go back and search through text to find the important parts. The app would later be made available for older Google Pixel devices.

Google’s Recorder App now lets you edit recordings by transcribed text

Version 2 of the Google Recorder began rolling out to Pixel users yesterday, and we found it pre-loaded on our Pixel 5 review unit. A new feature lets you crop out parts of recorded audio by simply selecting transcribed text and cutting it out. This makes it easy to remove unwanted audio from a recording without having to listen to the recording.

The new version of the app will also let you create visual waveform videos to accompany your recordings – along with transcriptions – so you can share them on social media. You can even choose between 1:1, vertical, or landscape aspect ratios.

The Edit and Share features are new to Google Recorder. The app can also recognize music, dog sounds, laughter, and applause and tag them as such in the transcription. Transcription happens completely offline, and it will let automatically tag main topics of recordings when capturing a lecture, for instance.

I’ll just be here, wondering how much easier this app would have made recording lectures for me in college.



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  • 16 Oct 2020
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  • Rocky
  • 16 Oct 2020
  • Dk9

Why Download Others Recorder App Between👉❗👈 This App...

Try xda, they might have a ported version.

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