Gresso presents the new Grand Monaco Sport luxury phones

06 May, 2010

After the Grand Monaco Red for the ladies Gresso launches a new luxury line the Grand Monaco Sport. It targets all the sport cars fans offering various customizations to match their style.

The new Grand Monaco Sport phones follow the Gresso tradition and design-wise look much like their older siblings. Their cases have hi-tech ceramics coatings and steel keypads made of super thin titanium superalloy. The keys are of surgical grade steel with laser-cut numbers and letters.

The key element in the new Sport series is the carbon leather that will hopefully match the interior of your sports car. Obviously carbon leather is an expensive material that's really hard to produce. It's genuine leather but one that has been specially curried, reinforced and decorated with the carbon coating.

Grand Monaco Sport is available in two models: black ceramics black leather and metallic ceramics metallic leather. There are also various options for customization such as engraving, special leather types, different ceramics, etc.

A piece from the Grand Monaco Sport series will cost you about 1850 euro and you can already order one.

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