GSMArena better, faster, stronger: Total Makeover

16 Oct, 2008

If you are among our regulars, you've already noticed that as of yesterday GSMArena has a spanking new layout that fits more content and reads better. There's no new functionality here, but we've redesigned all pages so you can see more (wider layout), read more (larger font) and enjoy more (larger images).

If you're experiencing any hiccups in the website performance lately, we can assure you that it doesn't have anything to do with the introduction of the new layout and we are hard at work to fix that.

That being said, we are glad to turn your attention to the new and improved home page (pictured on the left), which now has a special emphasis on the news section. We will try to ensure you get a wider coverage of the hottest topics in the industry. Still, we won't be turning into a news-dedicated website, as the technical specifications and the reviews still remain our primary content and we devote a lot of our time and effort to those. But staying on the edge is important and we've reflected that in the revamped edition of your favorite website.

In the meantime we'd be happy to see your opinion on how our redesign works for you. See ya around!

GSMArena Team

Reader comments

  • Fahad Khan

I like old one.

  • DiO

I prefer the old one, this one makes checking the news and reviews harder for me, it's kinda confusing now.

  • Fakuryu

I don’t believe that this is a total make over, however I like it a lot better than the previous one. It is easier to navigate.

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