turns 20, happy birthday to us!

GSMArena team, 15 June 2020

Twenty years ago to the day was born. Over the last two decades the site grew significantly and we expanded our tech curiosity to new platforms as well.

Our YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers this April (don’t miss the celebratory video mashup). This is the result of a lot of hard work to make our videos more informative, a proper companion to our written reviews, but also thanks to the love and support we’ve been receiving from you.

We worked on improving the GSMArena app and on introducing new features to the site – the latest is our revamped loudspeaker test.

We also started collecting pricing information on phones from stores from around the world to help make price hunting easier and regularly update our Buyer’s guide listing some of the best phones in several categories. turns 20, happy birthday to us!

We keep reviewing phones, of course – you can follow us on Instagram to see new models as they come into the office – but we’ve expanded beyond just phones, we also review smart watches, wireless earbuds and even the occasional electric scooter or laser engraver, anything we think you might find interesting.

Thank you for supporting us all those years! We look forward to delivering specifications, thoughts and reviews on gadgets for another twenty years.


Reader comments

Happy o Birthday dear GSM Arena with you at least another 20 year and i really wonder where and how the phones of the 20 years ahead from now will go and how they will look. Because 20 years ago we had only button phones with monochrome screen and...

  • Dan88

Th most reliable source for mobile information

  • Daniyal

Th best website ever i just want to say happy birthday to o you.........

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