Haier P6

Haier P6

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  • Reto Zbinden

I search for my Handy Haier P6 a load cable for the car. Do you have any details?
Many thanks and best regards
Reto Zbinden

  • Anonymous

I guess it will be half price?

  • ori

Does anybody have info about P7????

  • ori

Well it is pretty nice phone. It has very good design at least. But it has some minuses like:
- Very short battery life (you will have to recharge it every day, even if you speak about twenty minutes per day.)
- Awful menu, I meat that Chinese boy in the menu, itís disgusting.
- Monochrome display.
The price is near 200 - 250 $ Ö
I was using it (and also P5), and can say it wasnít my best phone, but it was interesting and pretty attractive. I think P7 will be something really cool.

  • Anonymous

why do u think its long....

20 cm !! can u read?

ITS 13,7 CM LONG......

  • Sohail Tayab

I would like to know where I can buy this mobile, Is this product is avaialbe in Dubai, Iran or Pakistan

waiting for your urgent reply
Sohail Tayab

  • mordeus

View other models from Haier and other China-made handsets at this online gallery

  • Ahmad

What is the price of that mobile? if any one know plz say

  • space martian

dude i was talking at the phone (this one) and people were staring at me..u can't even see it...some bitches said i was talking to myself..fuck it...it sucks

  • Anonymous

wheres the missing half? did it get cut in two at production. maybe they were all asleep and didnt notice.

  • Anonymous

Disgusting I feel sick this is not a phone its a pole. Oh my GAAAWWDDD how the be-jeesus can you play tetris on a screen like that its absolutly yucko just dont buy this phone people will laugh at the tampon you are carrying around oh my god a total joke. What were they thinking???

  • Saad Afzal

dear sir,
Its very difficult to say that this cell is Good because this type of set are not easily be sale in pakistan...........

  • Jay

Star Wars light Sabre!!!

  • Anonymous

WIF is this, is it a magick wand?

  • Alex

is almost what i looked for, but should b cheeper. instead of lazer, would b better a torche like in n5140, and much longer recording time.

  • Anonymous

wath a stupid make

  • Nitrous

i hav the other piece!!

  • Diablo

Nice phone but need to have a look at in my own hands and need to play around with it so i know how the features are. very nice design.

  • Anonymous

Who cut my phone into half!? :( sobbing..

  • Andy Echs

Wow. An 'innovative' design. Er....