Haier P7

Haier P7

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  • Anonymous

Mobile Doc, 22 Jun 2008Those who comment about the Haier P7 that it sucks, is ugly, loo... moreAny one have the driver needed to connect to pc and download pics?

  • KK

I agree with the guy who has posted the cpomments on remote... etc etc.. These kind of phones are for all the design and style lovers. I liked the style and related looks. Though features are too limited but it is made for stylish prople.

  • Mobile Doc

Those who comment about the Haier P7 that it sucks, is ugly, looks like a TV remote and inspired by a pregnancy test have definitely not used this phone. The P7 has amazing voice clarity and fantastic ease of use for both phone operations as well as for SMS. So jealous guys, just shut up !

  • Anonymous

The design of this phone was inspired by a pregnancy test.

  • bjohn

what the ....??

What are you guys doing?? cmon, don't try to make your own trend on cellphones. Is this comes w/ a TV? a good remote control. this one is really sucks!!!!

  • humid

this phone is so ugly ,
i think they should sell this design to a tv company , now that will be nice
but for now i would even choose the nokia

  • nk_se supporter

errrrrrrrr???such a weird design...maybe is a good design if it is a remote...

  • Ricardo Ochoa

Well in the page of the manufacturer you can find the software for addons to your Cell via USB.Look in the end for "User Manual: 1. P7 PC SW tools.rar (6.63M )" and ther you download the software for your PC. Or if do you dont want problems, the direct link:


  • Ricardo Ochoa

The Beeessst Phone!!!
Now its a better serie the P8 with *Integrated 130K pixel camera *65K color display*Mp3*64 polyphonic ring tone *Bluetooth

And of course the love phone i have the P7 you can buy here from the manufacturer.

This phone is for practical people, not for that one look for feel better for used a mark or empty brain for the marketing. If you see all teh people how's write against this phone, made it with anger, that`s its your social behaviour.

  • Anonymous

i love this phone, just to let you know....im blind...

  • owoyale femi

I really appreciate this phone.It's the best i know

  • ashlee

rubbish battery, but cool otherwise and I love that it does mms...
better than the p5... Not practical but gets girls number and still better looking than the p8

  • Drew

man wats this? answer my question people. I would waste my time buying this. lookin at it makes me sick. by the way I got a REMOTE CRONTROL!!!!!!!!! at home.

  • Amon

Almost a nice phone but has poor features and a weak battery!

  • Wandush

Hi this phone is very much look like stappler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why did they make such a phone? who is the base market and why?

  • babybooh

this fone brand sucks the most! what's this? remote control!!!!!!!!

  • Illie

Remote control! :D

  • chris

worst phone ever built, it can be easily mistaken for a tv remote.

  • fatima de leon

what kind of phone is this???

is this a mp3 or what?

is this a T.V. remote or what?

hate it!!!

  • thomson

its a useless phone!