Here are LeEco's USB Type-C headphones with lossless audio

Peter, 20 April, 2016

LeEco thinks that analog audio connectors like the 3.5mm audio jack are a thing of the past and starting with the new Le trio is moving to an all-digital solution called CDLA. This stands for Continual Digital Lossless Audio and has already been certified by the Music Association of China.

Headphones will be plugged into the USB Type-C port, which will stream lossless audio to a decoder chip inside the headphones themselves. One benefit of this setup is that it simplifies noise reduction - analog headphones typically need batteries to power the electronics necessary for noise reduction (there are exceptions, like some high-end Sony headphones, which work only with Xperia phones).

At first, two pairs of headphones will be available. The big over-ear headphones have noise reduction (comparable to BOSE QC25, says LeEco) and "solid bass."

There are smaller in-ear plugs that feature 14mm moving coils and bass that tops Apple's EarPods (again, says LeEco).

These initial headphones will be manufactured by FIIL, but ideally others will join in too since now there's slim choice. Apple is rumored to drop the 3.5mm audio jack and go all in on the Lightning port, but that won't help with the availability of USB Type-C headphones.

PS. LeEco's slide lists "reversible connector" as a feature. Have they seen a 3.5mm jack?



Reader comments

  • AnonD-621183
  • 16 Dec 2016
  • YHN

I am using them on my Google pixel the audio sound good I don't know if its loss less. But I like the little lights on each ear bud helps drives see me at night.

  • AnonD-616267
  • 02 Dec 2016
  • i49

I got the same doubt. I don't think there will be direct adapter for that. Indirectly we can use two adapters usb type c female to usb male and usb female to 3.5 mm male. Not sure if it works.

  • AnonD-599944
  • 20 Oct 2016
  • m1v

got an grey Le2max in transit. quite attractive at 222US packing those specs. anyway, is CDLA worth the investment of 16US for an pair of CDLA earbuds from LeEco.. Are no audiophile, but sound quality is pretty varialble hence who listen, so to...

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