Here are some details about the upcoming Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

Vlad, 18 February 2022

Today we got the first details about Google's upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones, which, if the company sticks to its usual shenanigans, should only become official in October. And yet, here we are in February with some bits and pieces of the puzzle already in view. How neat is that?

Anyway, according to a new report, the Pixel 7 duo will use a second-gen Tensor chipset with a Samsung-made Exynos Modem 5300 for connectivity purposes.

Here are some details about the upcoming Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

The codenames for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are reportedly Cheetah and Panther, which is interesting because up until before the Pixel 6 generation Google's only used codenames related to fish or other sea life. Then the 6 and 6 Pro were Oriole and Raven, and apparently the avian nomenclature continues with the yet-unannounced Pixel 6a which is allegedly codenamed Bluejay. And then we're onto feline themes, it seems.

So it looks like Google is now changing its codename scheme for Pixels with each generation - until it runs out of animals, presumably. That might take a while, however.

The last bit of info that got out today has to do with a third Pixel codename attached to the Exynos Modem 5300, which is Ravenclaw. Now this may be a Hogwarts reference and nothing more, or things could be more interesting.

Last year when the first Tensor was under development Google tested it internally by replacing the Snapdragon 765 in some Pixel 5 units with the Tensor. These models were then codenamed Whitefin - a mashup including "white" from "Whitechapel", the Tensor project's codename, and "fin" for "Redfin" - the Pixel 5's codename.

Similarly, the speculation goes, maybe "Raven" in "Ravenclaw" refers to the Pixel 6 Pro and "claw" is just a feline reference, in which case this would be a Pixel 6 Pro device with Pixel 7 innards, created for testing purposes.

Of course there's plenty of time left before the Pixel 7 generation officially launches, and for things like these to thus get confirmed by further rumors and information. Or not.



Reader comments

  • Sammy
  • 08 Mar 2022
  • fFA

So far google still not make any right. My pixel 5 have problem and still not resolve on latest update.

  • Leo
  • 01 Mar 2022
  • y20

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. I had every flagship Google pixel and most of the smaller variants but I avoided the 6 series cos of the Curvescreen and the bulky non Pro. Why can't Google ever get it right?

  • Alen
  • 23 Feb 2022
  • 0B0

100% agree, flat screens, dual front facing speakers.

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