Here are the Apple Vision Pro prices around the world

Peter, 11 June 2024

The Apple Vision Pro is rolling out in multiple regions around the world, with several countries getting it on June 28, while a few will have to wait until July 12. Here is the starting price for Apple’s spatial computer.

Note that there are some optional costs, like €115 for Zeiss Optical Inserts and €170 for the prescription variant. Additionally, you can pick up a travel case for €220 and, if you’re worried about accidental damage, AppleCare+ for the Vision Pro is €550 for a full year.

Apple Vision Pro Apple Vision Pro Apple Vision Pro Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

The standard kit includes both a Solo Knit Band and a Dual Loop Band, a personalized light seal, a cover, polishing cloth, USB-C charging cable and power adapter. Note the “personalized light seal” thing, you need an iPhone or an iPad with Face ID to scan your face. This is so that the headbands and light seal are the correct size and shape. And if you need the Zeiss prescription inserts, you can import your prescription data from Apple Health.

Anyway, we can’t delay the inevitable any further, here are the prices for the base 256GB Apple Vision Pro:

Apple Vision Pro global pricing
for the base 256GB unit
Price Available from
China CNY 30,000 June 28
Hong Kong HKD 28,000
Japan JPY 600,000
Singapore SGD 5,300
UK GBP 3,500 July 12
France EUR 4,000
Germany EUR 4,000
Australia AUD 6,000
Canada CAD 5,000

Note that the headset will arrive with visionOS 1.2 out of the box, the visionOS 2.0 update will be available this fall.



Reader comments

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I suspect that Apple deliberately made this Vision Pro as a decoy device because soon they might release a cheaper one, probably just called "Apple Vision" or "Vision Air" for $1500 so people would think that this Vision Air seems...

  • Anonymous
  • 12 Jun 2024
  • xK5

$5k in Canada was to be expected, but it's a tough sell - add $750 in sales taxes, and accessories and upgrades afterwards.. I was not planning on getting one, but seeing this thing costing more than two months of rent for me seals its fate...

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