Official samples show Samsung Galaxy Note10's new video recording features

Victor, 07 August 2019

The new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ come with the first triple camera setups in the phablet lineup. And while the three units are familiar from the Galaxy S10, Samsung has managed to keep things interesting by adding a few cool new tricks for the video recording. The company went ahead and shared a few official samples highlighting the novelties.

Arguably the most interesting of the bunch is Live Focus for video. We already got a taste of it on the Samsung Galaxy A80, but the Galaxy Note10 duo with its triple stacked sensors with PDAF should be able to beat that one easily in terms of subject separation.

Besides the basic portrait effect, Samsung has thrown a few other interesting modes in the mix. Color pitch lets you focus on a subject and punch-out color for the rest of the frame, while the glitch effect is straight out of the 80s nostalgia book and perfectly in-tune with 2019 popular culture.

Then there is the pretty HDR10+ recording mode, which captures high dynamic range clips in the HDR10+ format, which to nobody's surprise look great on the HDR10+ certified displays on the Note10 and Note10+.

Super Steady is not new to the Samsung cameras. In fact, Samsung has been seeding incremental updates to its impressive electronic stabilization algorithms for some time now. Still, the technology remains really impressive and the Note10 is clearly and naturally getting its best version to date out of the box.

Zoom-in mic is a nifty feature to have and one that Samsung hasn't really explored much in the past. Frankly, the short sample video does it more justice than any text explanation we can provide.

We can't wait to test all of these nifty extras out for ourselves and see what else Samsung might have in store.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 09 Aug 2019
  • sXb

Glitch effect presumably meant to look like worn video tape, but it's not right, the "dashes" wouldn't move horizontally like that.

  • g6 user
  • 08 Aug 2019
  • LEi

yes sir lg did it with lg g2 and sd 800

Is the quality to be supposed to be that crap on all those effects (sans HDR10+)? not impressed at all.

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