Here is how to pre-order Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2

Michail, 23 September 2021

Microsoft announced its Surface Duo 2 yesterday with smoother 90Hz displays, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset and a revamped triple camera setup. The dual-screen Android 11 device will officially go on sale from October 20 in the US for $1,499 in the base 8/128GB trim. Buyers in Germany and the UK will have to wait a day longer as first sales there tip-off on October 21 at 1AM local times.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and Surface Slim Pen 2 (sold seperately)
Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and Surface Slim Pen 2 (sold seperately)

Those who want to be first in line to receive the device can already head to the respective Microsoft Store pages and pre-order a Duo 2 in Obsidian Black or Glacier White. In Germany, users can choose between the 8/128GB trim for €1,599 or hte 8/256GB variant for €1,699. The 512GB model which comes in at €1,899 cannot be pre-ordered at the moment as it is not in stock.

The situation in the UK is similar in terms of available trim levels. The 8/128GB model goes for £1,349 while the 8/256GB variant is listed at £1,429. The top of the line 8/512GB model will cost £1,589 but is still not in stock.

Surface Duo 2 in its folded and unfolded states
Surface Duo 2 in its folded and unfolded states

In terms of accessories, Microsoft is offering its Surface Slim Pen 2 for $129.99/€129,99/£119.99 as well as the Surface 23W USB-C Power Supply for $39.99/€44,99/£39.99. Keep in mind that Microsoft is not bundling a charger in the Duo 2 retail package. There's also the Surface Duo 2 Bumpers which come in at $39.99/€44,99/£39.99.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Day one purchase for me.

Lol, what Microsoft is smoking? Using 2 screens which are not even foldable with shitty hinge. It should be no more than 750 dollar phone, disgraceful, sorry for anyone who will buy this trash

  • Black

Did Ms think, they can find enough idiots, to buy it for this insane price? 1. Huge Bezels, like 10 years before 2. Price too expensive for what u get 3. Looks better as 1.Gen, but not much. 4. Too small display size, with splitted Screen. W...

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