Poco F4 5G teardown ends with an average repairability score

Ricky, 14 July 2022

In PBKReviews teardown video of the Poco F4 5G, the reviewer gave it a 5.5/10 score for repairability. The design of the device is not designed well with repairability in mind. While it isn’t impossible to perform a screen replacement, it does require feeding the flex cable through the midframe, though – that’s before applying adhesive.

Opening the phone is much like any other: heat up the rear panel and pry around the perimeter to break the adhesive. The panel comes off without any snafus and the camera glass appears to be repairable as a separate piece from the back cover by breaking the adhesive and replacing.

Poco F4 5G Poco F4 5G

After removing 17 screws and removing the top shield fitted with antenna lines and graphite for heat transfer, the battery can be disconnected, and other components can be disconnected. The front facing camera is glued in place and once the mainboard comes out, the camera modules are easily popped out and can be swapped. The back of the mainboard is fitted with copper and graphite for thermal transfer.

The large and strong battery pull-tabs make removing the 4,500 mAh battery easy. Removing the battery exposes another couple of flex cables that run from the main board to the sub-board. The battery must be removed to remove the charge port, SIM tray, and the power button's flex cables.


Reader comments

I didn't face any issues on TMobile.

No issues in Pixel 6 Pro anymore. Fixed almost all the bugs. Software is top notch. Looking forward to Android 13, Pixel 6A, Pixel 7 and Tensor 2 chip.

  • Anonymous
  • 16 Jul 2022
  • tRe

Well except for the fact that the widely reported connectivity issues stem from the Tensor chip made by Samsung and they cannot be fixed via updates. If Google still doesn't ditch Samsung for Pixel 7 you can be sure they don't really give a...

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