Here's how you can find your Huawei Mate S when lost

Himanshu, 14 September, 2015

The Huawei Mate S, which was made official earlier this month with Force Touch and fingerprint sensors, comes with a feature that lets you easily find the device should you misplace it.

Never lose your Mate S thanks to this slightly creepy "I'm heeeerrrreeee"

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All you have to do is to choose a keyword while setting up the voice commands. For example, if your keyword is "Mate S," you just have to say "Hello Mate S" followed by "Where are you?" The phone will then respond by vibrating, pulsing the flash, playing stock music, and repeatedly saying "I'm here" in between (see video above).

Specs-wise, the Mate S is powered by an in-house Kirin 935 chipset with a dual quad-core processor, ticking at up to 2.2GHz, and sports a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with FullHD resolution. It comes with 3GB RAM and 32/64GB internal memory options, and packs in a 2,700mAh battery.

In terms of camera, the handset features a 13MP rear unit and an 8MP front shooter. It runs Android 5.1.1 with the company’s EMUI3.1 on top.

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Reader comments

  • Nails.

If we can use finger nails rather than knuckles that might be better. not so practical using knuckles. unless we can really use knock to wake like in lge g2/3.

  • kajam

don't judge anything before you test it or use it or even after you used it because what you think its useless maybe a good for others. i used the note edge and i do found the edge screen is very useful for me for example it helps me ignore or go to ...

  • Anonymous

Force Touch have no real useful purposes. Just like Samsung Edge screen. Nothing but People Edge and Apps Launcher apart from being alarm clock and text display. Boring and no real purposes that gives it merit among other phone. If it is anything, I ...

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