Exclusive: New Huawei poster for its Infinity-O-rival smartphone leaks

Ivan, 29 November 2018

We have obtained an exclusive first look at a new Huawei poster for its upcoming smartphone with a hole in the screen.

The poster urges us to take One Step Further to See the Future in December. It also confirms Huawei's plans to announce its first phone with a hole in the screen next month.

Huawei will desperately try and beat Samsung to its Infinity-O phone launch. There have been sightings of such as device - first in the wild and later through a Huawei nova 4 render.

Your move, Samsung!

Thanks to our anonymous tipster for sending this in!


Reader comments

  • TC

well at least it will sink a lot of time, energy and money before they hop on Notch 3.0 or so

Stop joking around the SIM card tray patent that allows for two nano SIM hybrid belongs to Huawei that's their innovation and that's factual, not what you and I think

  • Anonymous

exactly, this would be an advertising fail since black hole can be perceived as a sink of matter and energy.

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