Here's the official list of Motorola phones getting Android 11

Vlad, 21 December 2020

Here's a classic "better late than never" situation - Motorola has just published the official list of devices that will be receiving the update to Android 11. It has done this today, around four months after Android 11 was initially released by Google. Make of that what you wish.

Let's get to the list, then. Unsurprisingly to anyone following Motorola for the past few years, most of its older phones are simply left out.

Here's the official list of Motorola phones getting Android 11

Here are the models that have made the cut:

motorola razr 5G

motorola razr 2019

motorola edge

motorola edge+

motorola one 5G

motorola one action

motorola one fusion

motorola one fusion+

motorola one hyper

motorola one vision

moto g 5G

moto g 5G plus

moto g fast

moto g power

moto g pro

moto g stylus

moto g9

moto g9 play

moto g9 plus

moto g9 power

moto g8

moto g8 power

• Lenovo K12 Note

Motorola has a dedicated portal for upgrade information, so you can keep checking that to see when the new software is being released.

That said, according to the company, the update to Android 11 "is expected to roll out on these Motorola smartphones starting in the coming months, pending partner support".

If things go as usual, we'd expect the higher-end models to be graced with the update first, but who knows. It would also be interesting if Motorola detailed that Lenovo K12 Note on the list, since to our best knowledge that's not a phone that has launched anywhere yet.



Reader comments

Well no moto X4 here my main phone right now. 3 years old but still in a top condition apart the battery.

  • Joe

That's good news even if I didn't really see the Nord as my next device (It cost too much when it launched in my country and even now, you can add $40 and get the 7T Pro instead) But, even for the lower end OnePlus devices with community ...

  • Joe

Honestly, the policy for these phones is kinda dumb. Moto killed off the Android 10 update for the Z3 Play, the G series have 1 OS bump only so buying the later 8th Gen or the 9th Gen devices doesn't mean much in terms of getting more updates. A...

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