Hinge supplier for Samsung's foldables is ready to start making Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 2 hinges [UPDATE]

Peter, 16 February 2021

Update: The original ZDNet Korea article has been updated and the references to Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 an Z Flip 2 have been removed. S-Connect will work with Samsung on future projects, but makes no statements about release time frames or exact models.

The original post from February 16 follows below.

S-Connect has been manufacturing hinges for Samsung’s foldable phones since last year and will soon start making the hinges for the next generation Galaxy Z phones. Today the company announced that it has received the go-ahead from Samsung.

It will start mass producing the hinges for the Galaxy Z Flip2 and Z Fold3 in the second quarter of this year. The production of the phones themselves should begin soon after that. This lines up with IceUnivere's report that the next-gen Z phones will arrive in July.

S-Connect expects that the foldable market will grow to 5.5 million units this year and that foldables will make up an increasingly larger fraction of phones sold. That will be great for the company, which forecasts that in 2023 hinges will make up 50% of its sales (up from just 17% this year).

In related news, S-Connect will start manufacturing components for the Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ slates around the same time, so there are new high-end tablets on the way as well.

Galaxy Fold hinge manufactured by S-Connect Pieces of Z Flip's hinge mechanism
Galaxy Fold hinge manufactured by S-Connect • Pieces of Z Flip's hinge mechanism

By the way, the company is making metal parts for a variety of Samsung products – from the cases for Galaxy watches to the trademark camera bump of the S21 series.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 17 Feb 2021
  • 8js

You mean 180+ degrees? But I don't see any merit in do that, both vertical or horizontal... What I would like to see, is a smaller non-touch cover screen to display notification and camera. That much more useful.

You know... I wonder if we can see a foldable screen smartphone with a hinge that can be flipped all the way to the back. While LG's DualScreen case can do that, it's... just a case. It's not exactly a foldable screen smartphone in the...

  • Anonymous
  • 17 Feb 2021
  • 8js

It not rocket science.... Best is hardly a subjective call, given it can fall into many classifications of best at "what" and when? Best of all time? Doubt it. Best at smartphone era? Maybe.... You get the point.

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