HMD now owns 500 Nokia design patents, including one for the Lumia Camera UI

Vlad, 27 July 2017

An interesting revelation comes today regarding Nokia, both old and new. About 500 design patents have been transferred from Microsoft Mobile to HMD Global. The former is the company that made the Microsoft and Nokia branded Windows handsets following the acquisition by Microsoft of Nokia's smartphone division many years ago. The latter is the company currently holding the exclusive license to use the Nokia name for smartphones. HMD Global has already launched the Nokia 3, 5, and 6, and will unveil the flagship Nokia 8 next month.

This top of the line offering may have something rather unexpected under its sleeve: the famous Lumia Camera UI, long hailed by many as one of the most intuitive in the business. This was created by 'old' Nokia for its Windows phones, and the design patent for that UI is one of the 500 transferred to HMD Global.

On the other hand, the trademarks for PureView, ClearBlack, and PureMotion are still registered to Microsoft. So don't expect any of those to show up in a Nokia smartphone in the near future. From the key co-brands of Nokias past for now we'll have to make do with seeing Zeiss on the Nokia 8. At the moment, Microsoft Mobile still has about 200 design patents and it's unclear whether some or all of those are to be transferred to HMD too.