HMD teases Nokia 3210 rebirth, also a trio of 4G feature phones

Peter, 29 April 2024

HMD is preparing to re-imagine another classic Nokia phone – the Nokia 3210 – and it showed a teaser at an event in Kenya (the event was for its own-branded HMD Pulse trio). There are a few things to look at, but let’s start with the classic.

The re-imagined Nokia 3210 4G The re-imagined Nokia 3210 4G

While it doesn’t quite have the legendary status of its successor, the venerable Nokia 3310, the 3210 was still a landmark launch for the Finnish company. Unveiled in 1999, this was the first mass market phone with an internal antenna.

Unfortunately, the pictured Nokia 3210 (2024) looks nothing like the original, the design is much closer to the re-re-imagined Nokia 6310 (2024). To be fair, HMD itself describes the new model as a “pairing of modern redesign with retro interface”. And much like the original, the phone feature the Snake game.

Original Nokia 3210 Re-imagined Nokia 3210 Nokia 6310 (2024)
Original Nokia 3210 • Re-imagined Nokia 3210 • Nokia 6310 (2024)

HMD also shared an image showing three feature phones, ones without so much legacy – Nokia 215 4G, Nokia 225 4G and Nokia 235 4G. The middle one leaked recently, but the other two are new. The “Nokia 215” name has been used twice before – once in 2015 and once in 2020. The “Nokia 235” name is brand new, however.

New Nokia feature phones: 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G New Nokia feature phones: 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G

The image gives some basic details – the 215 and 235 both have 2.8” IPS displays, but the 235 has a 2MP camera, while the 215 has none. The 225 has a smaller 2.4” IPS LCD and a 2MP camera.

Something else to notice – there is now an HMD logo at the bottom, not just a Nokia logo.

As we mentioned, these images were shown at an HMD even and were reposted on X – those posts are now gone, so it seems that HMD is not quite ready to unveil the new feature phones yet.



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  • Anonymous
  • 07 May 2024
  • sgj

My next iPhone after iPhone and s23 :) can't stand their spyi fragile 'is not your phone it's their' and dark pattern anymore. Family force me to keep messenger but when open standards eu laws enforced there too, it'll be ...

  • carl124
  • 04 May 2024
  • mFd


  • Anonymous
  • 02 May 2024
  • Sku

They need to remake a top spec 9000 communicator. That would be epic

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