HomePod will launch in Q4 this year in limited quantity

Ivan, 15 August 2017

Apple is expected to launch its smart home speaker HomePod this holiday season in the US, the UK, and Australia, but it will likely be in low supply initially.

According to analysts there will be only around 500,000 units available.

Industry sources say HomePod is being manufactured by Taiwan-based Inventec with local rival Foxconn likely to start producing the smart speaker sometime next year.

This means that if the $349 Siri speaker generates large demand there might be shortages until next year.

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Reader comments

Now there is Fiio, that is destroying Apple in sound quality. Back then there were Cowon, Sandisk and many others that i can't even remember. I belive Cowon is probably the best case. Macbooks Pro and that little Macbook 12 have a decent speakers...

  • AnonD-94869
  • 17 Aug 2017
  • mTw

You are very clueless and ignorant. Ipod was the best sounding portable device, no matter what size or model. Ipod has powerful headphones amplifier and the best sound on market.....until Fiio begun to make portable audio players. Now Fiio is far bey...

You on the other hand may try to switch your brain to reasonable mode :-D Who cares competition has mono speaker? I certaily couldn't care for those low quality ... things. What do you call "inteligent" speaker, that sucks sound wise? Inteligent ...

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