Hongmeng OS is not for smartphones, Huawei VP confirms

Yordan, 19 July 2019

Hongmeng OS was often tipped to be a replacement of Android for Huawei’s smartphones, but apparently, the company had other plans. Catherine Chen, board member and VP at the company, stated the OS was never intended to replace Android - it is developed for business uses and IoT.

Catherine Chen, Huawei board member and Senior Vice President Catherine Chen, Huawei board member and Senior Vice President

Chen revealed the information at a media roundtable in Brussels, Belgium. The Hongmeng OS was recently trademarked, but it was always intended for industrial use and has been in development long before the discussions about replacing Android, following the trade war between the United States and China.

It appears the Hongmeng OS contains much fewer lines of code - hundreds of thousands, instead of dozens of millions like the mobile operating systems. Huawei’s in-house OS also has extremely low latency compared with a smartphone operating system, Chen added.

Hongmeng OS is not for smartphones, Huawei confirms

Although this might be the truth, it is worth noticing that Chinese officials started speaking about the Hongmeng OS once the US government decided to lift the trade ban from Huawei, leaving the presumption there could’ve been considerations about making it a mobile system after all.

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Reader comments

Well exactly in the end Huawei can become victor in this battle but not just as soldier or squire but as a king.

The truth will come out before the year ends.

You can tell that again if they'll fail to launch their Hongmeng OS smartphone alongside the Mate 30.

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