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  • Gourav

RL David, 14 Oct 2020Honor 10 Lite Is Plan Upgradable To Android 10I used this phone and this phone is great in every specs except camera.its very handy,good diaplay makes good user experience.

  • RL David

Honor 10 Lite Is Plan Upgradable To Android 10

  • Adi

NFC not working :/ or can be used only to make payments using google pay :/


Mine stopped working without any reason 2 months after end of warranty. I send it to repair shop , he said there is no short circuit or damaged part , but processor stopped working with no reason and needs to replace whole cheapset , which is costly. Instead of repair , he suggested me that I should buy new mobile. He said this happened to many Chinese phones without any reason in last few months.

  • Pathan

Honor 10 lite phone is net work all app.
Phone hot to next message
Your device is to hot not working
Phone no work
Whate problem?

  • stupid honor

id62, 15 Aug 2020anyone else experiencing touch delay on honor 10 lite? or i... moreIt's not just you, something's very wrong with it, sometimes you got to wait couple seconds, sometimes won't work at all (although haptic feedback and/or animation works immediately as it should)

  • id62

anyone else experiencing touch delay on honor 10 lite? or it is just me?

  • nowhere near P30 lit

Out of 3GB, you can use maybe 800MB...no matter what you uninstall, disable, etc. Huawei Y7 (2019) and Honor Play 8A both have better RAM management than this phone.

Using since March 2019. I have no issues with this one (4GB/64GB). EMUI 10 is smooth with Android 10. I'm not a gamer as I don't like small screen games. I mainly browse, scroll social media, call, camera, WhatsApp. Best is EMUI third party icons where it can be customized with EMUI Themes. Mine looks like a Stock Android UI with Dark Mode 😍. I don't have any other plans of purchasing another phone for another 2 years✌️. As I used Honor 5c for 2-3 years before this that was an awesome phone👌. I love Honor ❤️ no matter whoever is against them.

  • not good

3/64 version with latest update (june 2020) is lagging all over the place (switching between the apps, closing dialer, opening apps, scrolling and closing google assistant, etc.), i don't know is it because of RAM (it consumes more than 2GB right after restart/power on) or Android 10/latest update or it's just infamous EMUI killing and slowing apps.
It's unpredictable, sometimes it works like P30 lite, sometimes like Y7 or even worse

xxxx, 10 May 2020I bought the phone on the 7th of may of this year. And i ha... morei still cant decide what to choose between honor 10 lite and 8x

  • Slick

Best buy for sure!

I was looking for an honor phone to buy for my fiance and I didn't want to go for a huawei "P" series based on some personal conclusions.
I was reviewing honor phones and then suddenly I saw this phone which is under 200 bucks and gives you an endurable battery, excellent processor, awesome amount of RAM and ROM at the highest level and also offers you a good f 1.8 lens with an acceptable night mode.
After reading other's opinions I found this phone the best choice for her and I'm going to buy it for her birthday. I recommend this phone for everyonr who wants a fine, durable, cheap phone and doesn't give a shit about having ultrawide lens and instead wants to have good quality picrures, highest processing potential at this range and durable battery.

  • Anonymous

shahin2002, 09 Jun 2020i've got emui 10 update,but i didn't downloaded it.i want k... moreNo

  • Aziz

Delicate screen broke quickly :-(

  • shahin2002

i've got emui 10 update,but i didn't downloaded it.i want know that how is the battery backup,after updating emui from 9 to 10.does emui 10 has any battery draining issue?

internet speed is an issue, check what your speed is and whether it is enough for 1080p

  • honor10lite

Hi, i have problem with youtube, 1080p videos are lagging, 720p is fine. I tried updating app and reinstalling but its still the same. I don't know what causing this. Everything else is ok.

  • Anonymous

In my country, I could get the 4/64 gb version of this at roughly $117 brand new official warranty. The problem is you could get a Redmi Note 8 4/64 at $141 which is not that much expensive. Guess I'm gonna wait a bit for a price change.

  • xxxx

Anonymous, 03 May 2020I would like to know,everyone that has a Honor 10 lite can ... moreI bought the phone on the 7th of may of this year. And i have to tell you going from a measly samsung j5 (2017) to a j3 (2017) and then downgrading to an S5, I can tell you wholeheartedly that this phone exceeded my expectations. Not only is the screen pretty good for a midrange device, its 1080p the camera is good and it produces good photos. The battery lasts you a good 10 to 14 hours depending on your usage of the phone and what you've setup. I downloaded some of the more demanding games like pubg and the gaming experience wasn't the best i've seen on a mobile phone but its damn good for a midrange one. Honor both gives you the option of face unlock and finger scanning, the device may be made out of plastic and weaker materials but for the cheap 200$ price that you can buy the phone at it really doesnt matter that much. I can recommend you getting this phone for yourself or anyone you want its a really good device for the price and performance. Would totally recommend.