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Am i the only one who have incoming call issue??? If i'm not how can i handle it???

  • j

i have same issue here with apps closing even with battery optimization turned off

  • Ambr

The phone is good and the only reason why I can't say its great is because of the fact the phone keeps killing background apps waaaay too fast. I've tried everything from turning off battery optimisation features to what not, but nothing fixed the problem. The phone has 3gb ram it should not be a problem to keep a background app for more than a few seconds. If someone has any idea how I can fix this issue, please let me know, thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

Jesheem, 28 Jan 2021It is water resistantNo

  • Anonymous

Jesheem, 28 Jan 2021It is water resistantno

  • Jesheem

It is water resistant

  • Ayyacch

Hey guys, I want to share my experience after using it for 4 months. I got one new for a very good price, and this phone is just amazing. First I will talk about the cameras, the selfie is pretty good even in 2021 and dual cam are also good make the job done. The display has a good quality and colors especially after putting it at vivid and cold tone, battery is a beast and with the 10 w fast charger, The performance here listen to me carefully, I got it with android 9.0 and after two days I updated it to 9.1 then 10, and the device start to slow down the ram management is terrible, battery still good but not as usaul, so I decided to roll back using hisuite from 10 to 9.1 to 9. It took a decent 5 hours working on it, but I got back all good stuff and disbaled the software update, on android 9.0 this device is a beast! All who have android 10 and having issues, rolling back to android 9.0 its the way to go.

  • Anonymous

I've had a honor lite 10 for around 10 months and I have to say its a amazing phone for it's price its 64 GB memory 3 Gb ram I've had no problems with it since I've had it you can put a 64 GB sd card in as well so you have plenty of memory, the picture quality is good as well it fully HD. It feels well made it feels strong!! It has a finger sensor On the back which is really responsive to your touch, and it has face recognition which is also very responsive, I haven't yet found any thing to complain about its just a great phone I also play games on it and again with no problems I've found this Phone to be way better then other cheaper phones. So I highly recommend this phone to anyone and everyone

sasan1177, 06 Jan 2021Hi, Is it possible anyone to say that does it have WPS but... moreyes, it has

Is it possible anyone to say that does it have WPS button?
Thanks in advance.

I bought this on 2018 once it released on official website: https://www.hihonor.com/france/product/honor-10lite , now am gona Honor 10X Lite which is a upgraded version, lol...

  • yeahman

Someone, 21 Dec 2020I got microphone issue instead of speaker issue. Is anyone ... moreYes i got the exact same issue i have changed the mico+charge connector at the bottom but still the same issue i think it's the soundchipset on the motherboard which causes such a problem when you reboot your phone issue just vanishing next solution as it s still guaranteed go back to the technical assistance of huawei

  • Someone

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2020Is there anyone face the issue speker after updateI got microphone issue instead of speaker issue. Is anyone got a same issue?

  • Bongski

Jaz got android 10 thnx.

  • RL David

Honor 10 Lite Has Many Software Updates,But Honor 10 Lite Is Upgradeable To Android 10 And EMUI 10

  • Anonymous

Is there anyone face the issue speker after update

  • Gourav

RL David, 14 Oct 2020Honor 10 Lite Is Plan Upgradable To Android 10I used this phone and this phone is great in every specs except camera.its very handy,good diaplay makes good user experience.

  • RL David

Honor 10 Lite Is Plan Upgradable To Android 10

  • Adi

NFC not working :/ or can be used only to make payments using google pay :/


Mine stopped working without any reason 2 months after end of warranty. I send it to repair shop , he said there is no short circuit or damaged part , but processor stopped working with no reason and needs to replace whole cheapset , which is costly. Instead of repair , he suggested me that I should buy new mobile. He said this happened to many Chinese phones without any reason in last few months.