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Is it available in Bangladesh,,,!!!!

this model is rare and according to the specifications it looks very good so what is the price and where to buy or order

  • Anonymous

I love this phone from Bangladesh

Kirin 985 performs equally with Kirin 820 when it comes to geekbench single/multi. That made me go with Kirin 990 which is over 20% faster.

But if you want the fastest phone for your money I guess the Redmi K30pro is the best bang for the buck.

  • aha

aha, 06 Jun 2020Does the telephoto lens also work in video recording? i.e. ... moreYes it does until 15x zoom.
It's just great

  • aha

I bought the green color. It's more beautiful than the photos, shining dark turquoise.
The camera is astonishing, with the continues zoom capability during video shooting and the crisp clear night mode.
This is a high premium phone, that hasn't gotten enough attention and reviews.
I managed to install most of the apps I need thanks to ApkPure and AppGallery. Even Google Maps is running.
I don't need anymore Google account.
I substitute with Microsoft Outlook account. Hotmail, Opera browser, YouTube Vanced which is far better than normal YouTube.
Very fast phone performance is impeccable, it runs all games fluently.

A hidden jewel !

  • Jamjam

When will this be available in Phil???

Gotten my Phone and Enjoying it..... Cemera is powerful... system is very smooth on Magic UI 3.1.1...Battery is very powerful... I take time before i adapt to Oled panel coming from LCD.. The Phone is cooler Than Redmi Note 8 pro on heavy usage...all in all Nice Phone

  • sayabosanhidup

aha, 06 Jun 2020Does the telephoto lens also work in video recording? i.e. ... morefor the huawei p30 pro it can shoot video
by using the telephoto zoom of up to 30x

but perhaps there might be an update in time to
come that might support n enhance of up to 50x

I Just bought this phone expecting to receive it next week....I wanted to buy the Pro but I remember I have Kid at home...it can break easily .....then i go with this Flat screen...

  • baklang bato

Never reached the philippines, which is sad. Redmi and Realme duking it out, Honor should be there too, sadly, they won't.

  • aha

Does the telephoto lens also work in video recording? i.e. optical zoom while shooting video?

This is an underrated value phone at just CNY3000 (roughly $420).

If you want the greatest camera at a good value (but not budget) prices, this phone particularly has a 5x optical zoom periscope lens, a 40MP main sensor and 32MP front camera from Huawei. The Pro Plus model is ranked second on DXOMark behind the Huawei P40 Pro. I'm not a full reviewer so I don't have one to test, but on paper this looks underrated.

But there is a catch. If you don't know Honor is sub-brand Huawei so that means no google services. If that isn't a problem I might recommend this.

  • rick98

When will it be available on global market? It seems it's available only in China and it might be about to come to Russia. But what about European Union and the rest of the world?

  • happy

Does anyone using this device outside china ? I'm planning to import one

  • george

Rich watarious, 20 May 2020Good phone very good price for all it offers. I like it Th... moreYou can easily install Google Services on Huawei, just google it. https://www.xda-developers.com/how-to-install-google-play-on-huawei/

  • Rich watarious

Good phone very good price for all it offers. I like it The only thing that borders me is the lack of Google services because I use them alot.

Ramil7, 26 Apr 2020900 lineup is flagship level,i dont say the last level,it t... moreNo. The definition of flagship is literally "the best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization". The 985 is not the best, the 990 is. Had you the common sense to google two words, you could've saved me the time I took to write this reply.

joe nodden, 25 Apr 2020No this isn't a flagship level SoC. Flagship means the top ... more900 lineup is flagship level,i dont say the last level,it the best after 990

Ramil7, 24 Apr 2020this phone is 400$ Eh I suppose it is cheaper than the Honor 20 was at launch. Good point.